HAN launches at Heritage Dot

The Heritage and Archives Network (HAN) has been a while in the making.  Spurred on by the support of our VC, Prof. Mary Stuart, we had a great get-together in 2018 to discuss the launch of a network that would not only put us more closely in touch with each other on campus – every one of the four Colleges of the University was represented – but also extend our contact with partners in the wider heritage sector.

Heritage Dot is a perfect occasion to take the next step: its theme of ‘joining the dots’ sums up our commitment to working together. The dots are not just little round shapes to be joined up in real time, they also reference digital networks and capacity, which is another theme we want to pursue.

Ways you can join in:

  • Follow us on Twitter – @HANUoL2019
  • Send us news of any upcoming events for the Events page (and check it for things you may be interested in)
  • If you have a project to publicise, do a blog
  • Join our mailing list – send your details to hhughes@lincoln.ac.uk

See you at Heritage Dot on 3/4 June!

Lecture theatre
Launch of countdown to Heritage Dot, Sept 2018, and celebration of European Year of Cultural Heritage

Heather Hughes and Ian Snowley

Co-convenors, HAN

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